Putin’s “Family” -The divorced wife is a former cabin attendant, has two daughters, the eldest daughter is Maria, and the second daughter is Katerina

Vladimir Putin, the second and fourth president of the Russian Federation.

I was a former KGB spy

This time, it is the story of the “family” surrounding President Putin.

Name: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Date of Birth: October 7, 1952
Birthplace: Leningrad
University of origin: Faculty of Law, Leningrad University

◆ Family structure

President Putin’s family consists of a father, a mother, an eldest brother, a second brother, and Mr Putin.

He was married in 1983 and has two daughters.

◆ What is his father’s occupation?

Putin’s father’s name is Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin. [1]

His father was an avid member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and an atheist.

He was drafted by the Soviet Navy and was assigned to the submarine fleet in the 1930s.

He belonged to the sabotage unit in World War II and became a disabled veteran in the German-Soviet war.

He must have had some kind of disability.

After the war, he worked as a mechanical engineer at the railroad car factory in Leningrad.

Putin’s stubborn and hard-working personality is said to be inherited from his father.

His father died in 1999 without seeing Putin inaugurated as president.

◆ Reminiscences of mother

Putin’s mother’s name is Maria Ivanovna Shelomova. [1]

Her mother, Maria, was a religious Russian Orthodox Christian.

Putin resembled his mother when he was young.

She died one year before the year Spiridonovich died.

◆ Brothers

President Putin had two older brothers. [2]

However, the two brothers died in the 1930s, before Putin was born.

For this reason Putin is growing up as an only child.

◆ Wife, Lyudmila

President Putin was married in 1983 when he was a member of the KGB (Soviet National Security Board).

His wife’s name is Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Putina. [3]

She was a flight attendant after graduating from the Faculty of Philosophy at Leningrad University.

Since then, Mrs. Lyudmila has supported Mr.Putin, who has turned into politics, behind the scenes.

However, the divorce will be announced in 2013.

Mrs.Lyudmila explained the reason for her divorce as follows.

We are virtually face-to-face. My husband is absorbed in his work and my children are grown up and independent

She said her husband’s hard work as president influenced her marriage.

In 2015, Lyudmila remarried a businessman 21 years younger.

◆ Maria, the eldest daughter

The name of President Putin’s eldest daughter is Maria (Mariya). [1]

She was born in 1985.

Her eldest daughter, Maria, passed her father and mother’s home school, St. Petersburg University (formerly Leningrad University), and majored in biosoil science.

She also has a career in endocrinology, she studied basic medicine at Moscow State University.

For safety reasons, Maria, who was a student, did not give her Putin surname, and she used four surnames.

Her friend from Moscow State University said:

[Mariya was rumored to be the daughter of a wealthy general]

Maria had a wedding in Greece in March 2005.

The marriage partner is not disclosed, but the information shows that the partner is a Dutch man.

She is currently under close security and lives in a corner of a seven-story luxury condominium near the US Embassy in central Moscow.

◆ Second daughter, Katerina

The name of President Putin’s second daughter is Katerina (Ekaterina). [1]

She was born in 1986, so she will be a newborn.

She is also from St. Petersburg University, but her major is Japanese history.

She is a pro-Japanese family and Katerina, who is fluent in Japanese, often visits Japan.

For safety reasons, she also gives her grandmother’s surname “Chihonova”, so Japanese officials rarely notice Putin’s daughter.

In the Japanese media, the state of her arrival was reported as follows.

She said, “She’s petite as a Russian, but she’s like her father.”

She is a veiled private life of Katerina, but it is reported that she is already married.

Her partner’s name is Mr. Kirill.

He is the son of Nikolai Shamarov, a longtime friend of President Putin.


◆ Common-law wife

President Putin divorced in 2013, but he also has a new lover.

The other woman is Alina Kabaeva, a former rhythmic gymnast. [4]

The relationship between the two is an “open secret.”

There are rumors that “two children were born”.

Kabaeva also has information that she gave birth in 2009 and 2015.

If the rumors are true, Putin will be in his 80s when his child grows up.

President Putin must do his best for the future of his child.

◆ Summary

As we have seen, behind the success of President Putin was the appearance of a “family” who warmly supported us.

With the support of his family in mind, Mr Putin’s challenge will continue (^ o ^) 丿

◇ Footnote

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